Welcoming 2021 with Expert Telecommunications!????

Hello and welcome back,

Whether you’ve been back for a few weeks already or just coming back after the Australia Day long weekend. The team and I wanted to wish you a happy and healthy return and wish you a successful 2021!

My family and I enjoyed some much needed rest and relaxation on the peninsula here in Melbourne. This is an annual trip and one we look forward to every year. And this one was no different! Although the vibe was definitely different, mainly because we know how much heartache there was out there due to the impact of COVID. And even though our business was impacted, as an essential service we were very fortunate to remain open and not have to let go of any of our much valued staff. And we know personally through our own circle of friends, as well as hearing about others, this was not the case for many. We hope you were able to get through it.

Here at Expert Telecom, as with many businesses, we needed to pivot to adjust to the new ways of servicing our clients. Our solution specialists became very skilled at site inspections via Facetime and Zoom calls, ensuring the quality of our solutions weren’t compromised. Whether it was additional handsets or a complete upgrade of their phone systems, our specialists were able to deliver a complete and detailed solution giving our clients complete faith their needs were being met. Of course, as restrictions have eased our team have been able to now offer both onsite and remote visits.

What this did highlight for us as a company, more than ever, was the need for true business grade internet. Because the additional demands for high quality video and audio to be able to deliver the right quality experience were huge. Fortunately, we have a business grade internet connection which offered guaranteed speeds and unlimited data. However, the same couldn’t be said for many of the businesses out there and they suffered greatly. Yes, we pay a premium for this service. However, in this day and age most (all) businesses run off the internet and therefore this is NOT something we believe businesses should be looking to cut corners on.

Here is a quick snap shot of what’s on the calendar for Expert Telecom in 2021
•    Updated, cheaper and more flexible call plans
•    New great looking NBN ready handsets
•    More true business grade internet offerings at great prices
•    Merger with Allstate Security. Now offering all your security needs
•    Expansion of our IT team
•    Now offering office printers

Now is a great time to revisit your complete telecommunications setup and make sure it is capable of delivering the results your chasing now and in the future. From your office phone system, to your mobile phones, internet and IT setup, our solution specialists are here to help and make your life easier.

Yours sincerely,