Small Office and Home Office Business Phone Systems
(1 - 5 Handsets)

Small Phone System

(1-5 Handsets)

Medium Phone System

(6-49 Handsets)

Large Phone System

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Customize Phone System

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Small Office and Home Office Business Phone Systems (1-10 Handsets)

Modern Call Features Over VOIP Phone Systems​

Need the appearance of a bigger business to gain the confidence and trust of your clients, just without the big expensive VOIP business phone systems to do it? Than you’re in the right place, because at Expert Telecommunications we have the latest business phone system technology, at the most affordable prices. Did you know that over 60% of Australian businesses need less than 10 VOIP telephone handsets? We do! That’s because we have been servicing our local small office and home office phone businesses systems in Melbourne since 1991, so we understand your needs.

Ask us about our small business phone systems using VOIP or SIP virtual hosted solutions (also known as IP, Cloud or Virtual) if you’re working from a  small or home based business office. Alternatively, if you need 5 or more handsets, we can offer an onsite business phone system for an even more cost-effective, robust solution.

Regardless of the number of handsets or the type of business phone solution you need, our small office phone system experts will guide you through the journey of updating your business telephone system in plain Aussie English and help you upgrade to the very latest, VOIP, NBN-ready, cutting edge technology.

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More Modern Features For Your Business

Small to medium businesses can now have the same look and feel of their larger competitors, but without the huge price tag.

Automate Your Receptionist

Program & personalise menu options for directing calls to appropraite staff members.

Voice Mail To Your Email

Get your voice mail messages pushed straight to your webmail or smartphone.

Keep Your Current Number

No disruptions to your customers, they can still reach you at the same number.

Ongoing Local Support

Our local telecommunications team re here to help you get the most from your new phone system.

Hunt Group

Sends incoming calls to the next available line in a group of lines (first group free).

Simultaneous Ringing

Choose different groups of phones to ring in any order you choose.

Business Phone Systems for Small to Medium Businesses & Offices

Choose from a great range of reliable business phone systems for small to medium businesses.

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