Service Guides

Your Guide to Installing, Repairing or Maintaining
Your Business Phone System

Important guides to help your business whether you are installing, repairing or maintaining your business phone system, CCTV or telecommunication needs. 

1. Your Important Guide for Things to Prepare When Installing Your Brand New Business Phone System 

At first glance, the rollout of the NBN in your area may seem like it just impacts your internet connection. Most likely you had an ADSL internet service, and now you’ll upgrade to the NBN. Sounds simple right…unfortunately it’s not! And that’s where the issues can start. [CLICK TO READ MORE…]

2. The hidden traps of buying a new NBN ready phone system

Here are the top XX hidden traps to look out for when buying your next new NBN ready phone system. Make sure you don’t make these mistakes, or they could cost you thousands of dollars! [CLICK TO READ MORE…]

3. How much should I pay for my new NBN ready phone system?

Like so many things we buy, you get what you pay for. But, how do I know I’m not getting ripped off?! Because there is no RRP when it comes to business NBN ready phone systems, which makes it easy for the ‘Cowboys’ of the industry to take advantage of businesses…[CLICK TO READ MORE…] 

4. Amazing new features that come with your new NBN ready phone system

For too long, big business has had the upper hand when it came to the latest and greatest technology. Because for the average small to medium business it was just too expensive to compete. Which meant they looked more professional to the market and gave prospects the confidence to go with them. Well that stops now! [CLICK TO READ MORE…]

5. New NBN telephone lines, explained simply

One of the greatest misconceptions about the NBN coming to your business, is that it ONLY affects your internet. This couldn’t be further from the truth! The NBN literally affects every part of your business’s telecommunications setup. From your fax, eftpos, hicaps, alarm to perhaps most importantly your phone lines you make and receive calls on.

Let’s walk you through in simple terms how this works and what you need to do to make sure your phones continue to ring. [CLICK TO READ MORE…] 

6. How to choose between a cloud and an onsite NBN ready phone system

One of the buzzwords being thrown around over the past decade when it comes to anything IT or telecommunications is ‘put it in the cloud’. But what does it really mean and should your business make the change?

Here, we take a look at the pro’s and con’s of a cloud phone system versus an onsite phone system and a simple checklist you can use to make the right decision for your business. [CLICK TO READ MORE…]

7. Should I be using digital or IP handsets?

Almost all new NBN ready phone systems are known as a hybrid. Which simply means the technology choice of phone lines being used doesn’t need to match the technology type of handsets. For example, you can use the new NBN telephone lines (SiP) and digital handsets and the phone system will do all the work in the background.

So, how do you know if digital or IP handsets are right for your business? Here is a quick guide on the benefits of each handset type and what to look out for before you jump into a decision. [CLICK TO READ MORE…]