Amazing new features that come with your NBN ready phone system​

For too long, big business has had the upper hand when it came to the latest and greatest technology. Because for the average small to medium business it was just too expensive to compete. Which meant they looked more professional to the market and gave prospects the confidence to go with them. Well that stops now! 

Business Grade NBN ready phone systems, for small to medium businesses, like Panasonic and Avaya come packed with all the features you need to look like a big business. And the great news is, most of the time it is just some extra programming to get them turned on. 

Imagine what your business could look and feel like to your clients if you had:

Auto Attendant

Give your clients, prospects and suppliers the opportunity to be directed to the right department without the need of hiring a receptionist.

Hunt Groups

You can now control what phones ring when a call comes in, for how long and if you want additional phones to ring after a number of unanswered rings. Never miss another call.

Voicemail to Email

Whether you or your team are on the road, don’t make clients or prospects wait till you’re back in the office to get back to them. Have all your voicemails emailed to you as an MP3 attachment, where you can play them from any smartphone.

Call Centre

Most small to medium business wouldn’t have been able to justify the expense of setting this. Now you have the power of complex call flows, analytics, call recording and call queuing at an affordable price.

Working Remotely

Almost impossible for the average small to medium business to even consider this, until now. You can now have the flexibility to have all or part of your work force work from home (or anywhere around the world with good internet connection) with a new NBN ready phone system.

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