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By signing this form, you agree that:

Remote Programming

  • 2 free remote programming sessions are subject to system access. If we can access your system remotely you are eligible for these 2 sessions. If we cannot access your system remotely you are eligible for 1 onsite visit.
  • Remote programming sessions and the onsite visit is for 30 minutes per session only. Time after 30 minutes will be charged at fee for service rate.
  • Sessions are per calendar year

Major Fault

  • System failure effecting more than 50% of the telephone system
  • The failure effects a major system feature that will impact call handling by the customer

Minor Fault

  • All other fault conditions to that of major faults
  • Moves, adds and changed are not deemed faults and will be allocated with standard turnaround times

Response Time

  • The standard response time refers to the period within which we will respond by telephone or email to acknowledge the fault
  • The response time only runs during the coverage period.
  • As an example, assume your coverage period is “8am5pm Mon-Fri” and the response time is same day response, and you call us before 1pm on a workday, then we must respond the same day. If you call us after 1pm on a workday, then we will respond the next day between 8am and 5pm.


  • Replacement of all faulty parts/components at the site if the fault is as a result of fair wear and tear
  • We do not have to supply any consumables (I.E., cabling etc). We can do so if we wish, and if we do, we can charge you for them
  • Replacement parts will be of a quality that is fit for purpose

Exclusions (subject to technician investigations but not limited)

  • Servicing on Equipment not provided by us, servicing on peripheral equipment or cabling
  • Changing the equipment or relocating it, attaching things to it, or removing things from it
  • Programming changes (i.e., Names changes, voicemail programming or changes etc)
  • Fixing any faults in the equipment other than those caused in normal proper use
  • Fixing problems or damage caused by events beyond our control, including accident, lightning, power surges, power failures, over-hot or over-cold conditions, vandalism, or misuse
  • Travel and expenses where on-site support is required at a site located more than 50km from our site

We do not have to fix any fault caused or contributed to by:

  • Anything attached to the Equipment, or to the peripheral equipment (unless we agreed in writing to it being attached)
  • Non-compliance with any guidelines on the use and care of the Equipment
  • Anything done, or not done, to the equipment by anybody apart from us and which affects the equipment
  • Line or data faults if your services are owned by another provider/not Expert (e.g., Lines with Telstra, standard service rates apply)

Extra work and charges

  • If we service any fault not covered by this agreement, you must pay our Maintenance fee for service charges (for parts and labour) Refer to fee matrix
  • You must pay any extra charges set out in the invoice we give you for any additional work or equipment supplied

Breaking the Agreement or Non-Payment

  • If payment is not made within 7 days of invoice your maintenance is not valid
  • If you break the contract within the term you will need to pay out the agreement (monthly cost x remaining term)
  • 30 days cancellation notice is required

Date : August 2022