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Every business needs a NBN ready telephone system. Without it how can you get in touch with your clients, suppliers, and prospects? And with the roll out of the NBN almost done, you want to make sure you take advantage of the amazing features available to you now.

We appreciate for many Victorian Business Owners the past 18 months have been some of the toughest we have ever experienced. So, we have put  together an absolutely ridiculous COVID Recovery / EOFY special as our way of helping.


FREE 6 Monthly Repayments

PLUS get the Professional Message /
Music On Hold for FREE (Valued at $1,500)

PLUS 50% Off Your First 6 Months of
Telephone Lines

Get Your Offer Before Too Late!

April 2011 marked the start of the biggest technological upgrade to the Australian internet market, with the first NBN services going live in Tasmania.

To say we as a nation were just a little excited to finally get off the old copper ADLS internet would be an understatement! Especially for people like you and me who are in the business market and were relying more and more on the internet to run and promote our businesses.

It hasn’t been without its glitches…but in fairness it has been a huge undertaking. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges in our space has been the added complexity and having to learn new terminology like SiP and VoIP. And working out what equipment we needed to change, if any.

Having supported the Australian business market with all its telco needs since 1991, we hated hearing how many of you were struggling, having your businesses impacted and in some very disturbing cases been ripped off by cowboys of the industry!

This is where we as a team put out heads together and recognised we needed to step up as a provider and partner to your business to deliver a better answer. 

And ultimately give you the peace of mind the solution we deliver will be the right one for your businesses needs now and the for the future.

We knew we had to be more than just competitively priced with amazing and 100% local service. So, we became a true one-stop shop where you could make one phone call and get an answer to all of this;

Get Your Offer Before Too Late!

So, we have put together the wildest and craziest End of Financial Year Special we have ever done to help you get your telco solution right. Matched with our 100% local and amazing support. And we are starting with your most important piece of the telco puzzle… your NBN Ready Telephone System.

Here is what you’re going to get:

NBN Ready Phone System

NBN Ready Handsets

NBN Telephone Lines

NBN Internet

NBN Ready Modem with WiFi

Professional Message / Music on Hold

Professional Installation

Professional Custom Programming

Professional Training for Your Staff

100% Ongoing Local Support

All of this at already industry best prices.


FREE 6 Monthly Repayments

PLUS get the Professional Message /
Music On Hold for FREE (Valued at $1,500)

PLUS 50% Off Your First 6 Months of
Telephone Lines

HURRY! Get your order in now before June 30th 2021 or you’ll miss out on our craziest EOFY Special Offer Ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. No tricks or extra steps. We will make the 6 months of payments for you, meaning you won’t make your first repayment till month 7.

For example, if you took a 48 month term for your new NBN ready phone system, you would only make 42 payments.

If you are purchasing your new NBN telephone system outright, we will calculate the equivalent discount of 6 months as if you were leasing it

Yes. Your monthly fee for your telephone lines (which include unlimited standard local, standard national and mobile calls) will receive a 50% discount automatically for 6 months. Any 13/1300 calls and international calls will be billed as normal.

No. As long as you have placed your official order and been approved for the lease or paid your deposit before June 30th 2021

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