LG Ericsson

(Known also as LG Aria)

LG Ericsson or more commonly known as LG Aria has been in the commercial telephone system for many years and with their experience, they offer a full range of communication solutions for your business.

They range from full business phone systems for example iPECS eMG100 a hybrid platform that supports digital, IP, analog and Unified Communication devices. This platform is recommended for businesses that are targeting to change between technologies or already have a mix. iPECS eMG100 is able to meet the ever changing needs of businesses. 

LG Aria has a large range of digital and IP business phone systems and handsets. There is a range from basic entry level handsets to advance touch screen handsets. All of which can be tailored to meet your requirements. These handsets are easy to install, easy to use and manage all from your web browser. All you need is just a LAN network and you can be easily connected.

LG Aria has a large range of accessories that include wireless handsets and mobile handsets.

Telecommunication Network

Think of your Telecommunications Network as a suite of tools to communicate with your business, staff and clients. Whether its putting your emails in the cloud, using Microsoft Teams to quickly and easily chat with your staff, having a fully featured NBN ready phone system or CCTV system to keep an eye on your assets. They are all tools to communicate with your business and we have you covered. Speak to your Expert Solution Specialist about a bundle deal.

NBN Ready Plans

The roll out of the NBN across Melbourne has been one of the largest technological advancements we have seen for a long time. And you want to make sure you trust the Experts to transition your business in to the new age as seamlessly as possible. Let our industry Experts walk you through the new possibilities for your business and take advantage of this exciting time.

Modern Features For Your Business

Small to medium businesses can now have the same look and feel of their larger competitors, but without the huge price tag.

Automate Your Receptionist

Program & personalise menu options for directing calls to appropraite staff members.

Voice Mail To Your Email

Get your voice mail messages pushed straight to your webmail or smartphone.

Keep Your Current Number

No disruptions to your customers, they can still reach you at the same number.

Ongoing Local Support

Our local telecommunications team re here to help you get the most from your new phone system.

Hunt Group

Sends incoming calls to the next available line in a group of lines (first group free).

Simultaneous Ringing

Choose different groups of phones to ring in any order you choose.

Transfer Calls To Mobile

Seamlessly transfer an answered call to a mobile or landline without tying up any phone lines.

Three Way Conference Call

Connect with remote workers or clients on a 3-person conference call at the click of a button.

NBN Ready

Are you ready for the change? All our solutions are NBN ready, offering you peace of mind.