LG Ericsson

(Known also as LG Aria)

LG Ericsson or more commonly known as LG Aria has been in the commercial telephone system for many years and with their experience, they offer a full range of communication solutions for your business.

They range from full business phone systems for example iPECS eMG100 a hybrid platform that supports digital, IP, analog and Unified Communication devices. This platform is recommended for businesses that are targeting to change between technologies or already have a mix. iPECS eMG100 is able to meet the ever changing needs of businesses. 

LG Aria has a large range of digital and IP business phone systems and handsets. There is a range from basic entry level handsets to advance touch screen handsets. All of which can be tailored to meet your requirements. These handsets are easy to install, easy to use and manage all from your web browser. All you need is just a LAN network and you can be easily connected.

LG Aria has a large range of accessories that include wireless handsets and mobile handsets.

Do you want to leverage your teamwork with an effective collaboration tool? Then, it’s time to get to know and take advantage of Ericsson LG iPECs.

LG business phone systems enable integration between communication and collaboration tools. They are considered as the next step in business communication system evolution. 

The LG Aria phone system is one of the most popular solutions in Melbourne and entire Australia. It utilizes state-of-the-art technology to offer its users an exciting array of the latest mobility, softphone, and IP features. It is combined with easy-to-use LG Aria iPECS handsets.

Simple Intuitive Collaboration Experiences

The LG Ericsson iPECS phone system provides a simple yet intuitive collaboration experience. It is the next generation of PC and mobile-based voice and video communications. It is developed based on WebRTC technology, allowing users to easily set up chat, voice, and video sessions from the browser – all on one easy-to-use platform. The system delivers a superior and convenient user experience from any device.

Feature-rich Solution

The LG Ericsson iPECs phone system has everything a business needs from one solution. It is a pure IP communication solution dedicated to small- to medium-sized companies. This feature-rich solution provides proven, uncompromising technology, making it Australia’s largest selling PBX for under 100 handset businesses.

The current LG Aria iPECS IP phones come in varying starting sizes to best suit the business requirements. From there, they can move to the enterprise LG Aria iPECS models. Since underlying technology in these phone systems is the same, they can combine them to make several setups based on their needs. 

Here are some of the key features of the iPECS phone system:

The iPECS phone system also provides reliable support to a huge range of productivity-enhancing applications, including Unified Messaging System (UMS), built-in voicemail, mobility, IP call recording, and unified communications. 

Regardless of the technology a business tries to implement or their industry, iPECS is an efficient solution.

Tailor to Business Needs

Businesses can choose applications and the integration they need to improve the efficiency of their operations. They can even opt into add-ons, such as analytics, call recording, Skype for Business, and CRM.

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the brand new LG iPECS comes with an excellent price point, making it an instant best-seller. They can get the latest IP technology combined with productivity-enhancing programs without breaking the bank. 

The phone system solutions also allow users to attach IP phone lines, PSTN, ISDN, and analogue and digital handsets in addition to IP and remote working with the software applications. Since it is modular and Linux-based, users can connect multiple systems.

Why Does Getting LG iPECS Phone Systems Matter?

The LG Ericsson iPECS IP phones are designed with efficiency, cost sensitivity, and convenience in mind. Users can take advantage of convenient single-button access for call transferring, call log lists, redial, and call referencing alongside expansion modules and programmable features.

This phone system is loaded with enterprise-class features, including full backlit, secured configuration, and rich feature support. It also provides high quality audio combined with the wideband codec technology, ensuring conversations remain crisp and clear.

Here are the top benefits of the LG VOIP phone system:

Work Together Anywhere

The Ericsson LG iPECS phone system helps empower a team to work together easily. It brings everyone together through instant messaging, video, voice, file sharing, and more.

NBN Ready

All iPECS systems are designed to work with NBN and even with the existing infrastructure. It helps transition businesses into a new age seamlessly and acquire new possibilities.

Stay Up to Date

Businesses can conveniently and effectively cope with IT changes by integrating iPECS into their systems. It ensures they are up-to-date with the latest and most advanced iPECS upgrades and updates. It also ensures the delivery of the latest enhancements and features to the employees to increase their collaboration and productivity.

Personalized Communication

The phone system allows users to program and personalize the menu options for directing calls to the appropriate members. Businesses do not also need to change their existing number. That way, it will not cause any disruptions to customers since they can still reach them at the same number.

Three-Way Call Conferencing

With LG business phone systems, businesses can connect with remote employees or customers through the three-person conference call.

Easy Call Transferring

This phone system enables businesses to seamlessly transfer answered calls to the landline or mobile without the need to tie up any phone lines. 

Save Costs

Now, businesses have nothing to worry about needless expense on external or international calls and outdated hardware to replace or maintain. All they need is a phone system that stays up to date.

Voice Mail to Email

Businesses can get their voice mail messages straight to their team member’s smartphones or webmails. In return, they can enjoy simplified communications.

Meeting the Ever-Changing Business Needs

LG Aria has years of experience in the commercial telephone system industry. So, it’s no surprise that they offer comprehensive and dependable communication solutions for businesses of all sizes. They deliver the flexibility that every organization as they grow and adapt to meet changing needs.

The full business phone systems offered by LG Aria come with a hybrid platform supporting Unified Communication, IP, analog, and digital devices. LG Aria offers a huge range of IP and digital business phone handsets and systems, each with unique features and functionalities that meet a particular business range. Businesses can choose from different handsets, from entry-level to advanced touch screen ones. 

All iPECs handsets can be tailored to meet particular business requirements. Plus, these handsets are easy to install and use. They are also managed using a web browser.

Keep in mind that if you want to build a strong foundation for success, you need am effective communication. So, there is no way for you not to take advantage of this iPECS phone system and enjoy many benefits and functionalities. Improve your business productivity and communications with iPECS solutions!

Telecommunications Network

Think of your Telecommunications Network as a suite of tools to communicate with your business, staff and clients. Whether its putting your emails in the cloud, using Microsoft Teams to quickly and easily chat with your staff, having a fully featured NBN ready phone system or CCTV system to keep an eye on your assets. They are all tools to communicate with your business and we have you covered. Speak to your Expert Solution Specialist about a bundle deal.

NBN Ready Plans

The roll out of the NBN across Melbourne has been one of the largest technological advancements we have seen for a long time. And you want to make sure you trust the Experts to transition your business in to the new age as seamlessly as possible. Let our industry Experts walk you through the new possibilities for your business and take advantage of this exciting time.

Modern Features For Your Business

Small to medium businesses can now have the same look and feel of their larger competitors, but without the huge price tag.

Automate Your Receptionist

Program & personalise menu options for directing calls to appropraite staff members.

Voice Mail To Your Email

Get your voice mail messages pushed straight to your webmail or smartphone.

Keep Your Current Number

No disruptions to your customers, they can still reach you at the same number.

Ongoing Local Support

Our local telecommunications team re here to help you get the most from your new phone system.

Hunt Group

Sends incoming calls to the next available line in a group of lines (first group free).

Simultaneous Ringing

Choose different groups of phones to ring in any order you choose.

Transfer Calls To Mobile

Seamlessly transfer an answered call to a mobile or landline without tying up any phone lines.

Three Way Conference Call

Connect with remote workers or clients on a 3-person conference call at the click of a button.

NBN Ready

Are you ready for the change? All our solutions are NBN ready, offering you peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since there are many different phone systems, the associated costs may vary. Pricing for installation varies due to other factors such as cabling, programming, and installation requirements. Speak to one of our solutions consultants to get further details on how the LG system can work for you! 

ET offers Ericsson LG iPECs phone system that can transform a business while keeping costs low. They understand the importance of having a phone system and providing a reliable partner in growing your business. The team will assist during the selection process and even after the installation, ensuring that you are comfortable using the new phone system and making the most of it. Plus, they offer flexible and cost-effective solutions based on your business needs.

The iPECS GDC-500H cordless phone is the latest model from Ericsson LG and is ideal for small and medium-sized companies. It is designed to enhance mobility and call performance. It comes with diverse functions and high-quality audio. Some features include a speakerphone, Bluetooth headset, 2” full-color LCD, 2.5mm ear mic jack, serial port for direct charging and software upgrade, and standby 100hrs/talking 10hrs. 

Speak to the experts at Expert Telecommunications to organize a technician to the site to assist with system changes. The entire team is more than willing to help you!

Yes. This phone system can leverage your business with unified communications solutions. It enables you to communicate and collaborate with ease. Plus, it allows IP, technology, and analogue technologies to be used on the same platform.

The phone system is designed with high quality and efficiency in mind. The installation process is very smooth and comes with great features. It allows users to set various auto-response messages and remotely connect to employees and customers. It also features three-way conference calls and allows transfer calls to mobile.

Ericsson LG iPECS phone system refers to the pure IP communication solution designed for small to medium-sized companies. It provides multimedia applications, unified communications, networking, call centre applications, unified messaging, softphone, PC attendant, mobility, and conferencing.

With Ericsson LG iPECS phone, your team can work securely while accessing the tools they need anytime, anywhere, across different devices. Users can use visual voicemail, conference calls, instant messaging, video, and voice calls on an easy-to-use platform.

This is done at the PABX and may need to be done by a trained system technician. 

Yes. The Ericsson LG cordless phone helps increase cooperation and breaks the barriers due to the limitations associated with traditional ones. It offers increased flexibility and mobility, where you can roam exceeding 150 feet.

With this cordless phone, you can save a significant amount of money since you do not need to deal with the added expense of expensive jacks and wiring. It guarantees clarity and quality of sound. It also helps avoid dead zones, ensuring constant communication with employees and customers.

Working with a reputable and professional phone system installer or dealer ensures satisfying results, and you will reap the benefits from that phone system. However, before you decide to invest in a specific phone system, ask the installer or dealer the following questions:

  • Are there start-up costs beyond set and equipment fees?
  • How does mobile connect to the phone system?
  • How do you guarantee the quality of your service?
  • Can the phone system expand if my company grows?
  • What is your contract termination policy?
  • What happens if my business is no longer around in a few years?

The phone systems help leverage teamwork and build the foundation for success through effective communication. They use state-of-the-art technology to provide users with many different functionalities and features that you cannot find in traditional desk phones, such as mobility, automation, softphone, and IP.

Using Ericsson LG iPECs phone system empowers your team to collaborate with ease. It gives you the power to bring everyone together through video, voice, file sharing, instant messaging, and more. You can also choose which integration and application will help improve your business operations and efficiency.

Your customers will not deal with disruption because they can still reach you at the same number since you do not need to change your existing number. They can reach you a lot easier than ever. The phone system is also NBN-ready.

Here are some of the key features available on the iPECS phone system:

  • Connectivity to traditional phone services like PSTN and ISDN
  • Unified messaging to receive all the faxes, voicemail, emails in the inbox regardless of the location 
  • A softphone application to create a virtual phone on the laptop or PC and see if the office staff on the phone
  • Record conversations and IP call recording 
  • Supports IP, analogue, and digital handsets 
  • Easy network integration, whether remote IP workers or multiple sites 
  • Excellent for remote users and multiple site networking 
  • All the essential features, such as PC attendant, auto-attendant, speed dialing, transfer, hold, voicemail, and more

Yes. The very sophisticated, intelligent, and flexible phone system is easy to use. Whether you still use the traditional phone line or have NBN or higher bandwidth products, you can use this phone system. The intelligent architecture enables you to use various phone line connections. Whether you are a small business or a start-up, using this phone system is not a daunting task.