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At Expert Telecom, we love rewarding our valued and loyal clients. For the next 24 hours only, you can protect your office and home with the latest technology in HD CCTV, Alarms and Access Control Units and get a huge 25% Thank You Bonus Discount.

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Every 1 minute a break in is reported across Australia, what are you doing to protect your business and its staff? Take advantage of this 24 hour Thank You Bonus offer and upgrade or add a state of the art security solution and receive a massive 25% discount. This won’t last, and once that timer hits 00:00:00 then you’ll be paying full price. Oh, and we can also protect your family by servicing your home with the right security solution too.

Talk to us about our payment plan options. Don’t wait till you get broken in to before you update your Security setup. Act now.  

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24 x 7 Monitoring

Get the latest HD CCTV solution and you’ll have eyes on your business and home from anywhere around the world.

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A professionally installed and programmed alarm will detect and deter robbers. Add back to base monitoring for a few dollars a week and you will have total peace of mind knowing a professionally monitored control unit is watching your premise.

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Access Denied

Professionally section off private areas or rooms in your business with an access control solution. Control staff permissions, release doors and lock doors all from your mobile phone.

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Peace of Mind

Give your staff and family total peace of mind knowing they’re protected by state of the art security technology.

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Act Now

Don’t wait till you get robbed…protect your most valuable assets and take advantage of this amazing 25% Discount!

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