Printers & Copiers​

Professional printers are one step better than the standard home printers that you can purchase from Officeworks or JB Hi Fi. Comparing those printers to our commercial printers is like comparing a Ferrari to a Volkswagen or Skoda. You can experience the difference when you are using the best of commercial professional printers and here at Expert Telecommunications we only provide our clients with the very best in the market.

Featuring printers that can print for as low as 0.05cents per page along with long lasting durable parts that can last longer than Victoria’s State of Emergency! As the saying goes, time waits for no man or woman. We believe that working effectively and efficiently is important to get your business running. Our printers are able to quickly and efficiently, scan, print, copy or fax within seconds so your staff can skip queueing at the printers.

We have the printer for all situations, whether you are looking at just printing or if you require scanning, copying or faxing, the team at Expert Telecom will be able to provide the best printer for your printers. We are able to help even if you require a custom made printer for your business!

Speak to our Expert Team on how we can integrate your business with a network or remotely connected commercial printer for your business.


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