Introducing Expert IT Services in 2020

Expert IT Services

As you know, Expert Telecommunications has been in operation since 1991, providing local telecommunications
solutions to small and medium businesses all over Melbourne.

The industry in Australia has come a long,
long way since those early days and it never fails to amaze me just how much
the technology has improved.

During that time, it’s been an incredible
journey and an absolute joy to watch the technology evolve from the simplicity
of early mobile phones, ISDN and snail-speed dial-up, to the iphone, NBN and
lightning-fast fibre optic cable.

We video-conference people on the other
side of the world with a single click of a mobile phone these days, something
that was virtually unimaginable back in the early 90s before the internet
changed the world forever. 

As IT and telecommunications technologies
converge with ever increasing velocity, the very nature of the devices we use
have become almost indistinguishable.

Office phones run over the internet. Our
mobile phones have replaced computers when searching the internet and our
desktop computers can answer phone calls with a blue tooth connection to a
wireless headset with no phone involved at all.

It’s a fascinating technological world.

With the NBN rollout almost complete, there
will very soon come a time when the entire telecommunications network in
Australia is internet based. 

Effectively, IT and Telecommunications have
become one.

And that’s why we’re launching a new division, Expert IT Services, in 2020.

You see, it’s not just about the technology.
It’s about the people and the service behind the technology. Importantly, it’s
also about the quality of the solutions that our team puts together.

With ever increasing demand from our
growing customer base for a single source solution across Telecommunications
and IT Services, we’ve responded in kind.

Underpinning the success of our in-house
team has been the talent of some truly exceptional people  including our sales consultants, technical support
staff and technicians. Over the years, they’ve moved with the technology and
kept abreast of every little development along the way to ensure you receive
the best possible service and solution to keep your business humming.

It’s the same Expert team with the same Expert solutions, now with integrated or stand-alone IT Services as well as Telecommunications.

We’ll be launching our service very soon. Meanwhile, you can avail of our special promotions valid untill December 20th 2019:

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Hurry! You’ll need to get in quick – we’re
already down to our last few days of the promotion. Give us a call now on (03)
9474 0044 or email us on the form below to book in a visit from one of our
Expert team. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in 2020
from all the team at Expert.