Hosted Phone Systems: Why you should choose it
for your business

Hosted Phone Systems

There are various telecommunication service providers that offer hosted phone systems for small businesses.
It is often known as a virtual Private Branch Exchange (PBX), which provides all of the features of a standard office phone system without the high expenditures of hardware. Traditional methods, such as landline telephone lines, provide significantly more flexibility and control over office communication channels. Hosted phone systems for small businesses are virtual systems that might result in significant cost reductions for small businesses. To start, you do not need to purchase any physical equipment.


If you’re diligent enough, you’ll find the best suited service provider that you can purchase an affordable hosted phone system for your business. It is perfect for small businesses and a good long-term investment. Your business might be on a small scale today, but who knows how successful your business will become in the next five years or more. Usually, it includes traditional PBX ( Private Branch Exchange) and VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone systems. VoIP phone systems, unlike traditional phone systems, convert voice signals into digital data packets and send them over the Internet via routers. It also offers a wide range of advanced communication features and requires less manual maintenance. VoIP is one of the most popular unified communications solutions for both large and small enterprises, owing to the cost advantages it provides when compared to traditional alternatives like landline telephony, particularly when making regular long-distance or international business calls.

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Features of Hosted Phone Systems

You’ll find a lot of service providers that offer hosted phone systems in Melbourne and it’ll probably make you confused as to which service provider should you trust. To give you a more helpful guide, here are some features that you need to look for in a hosted phone system:

Having a voicemail feature in your phone system is as basic as having a phone number. Without a voicemail feature, your business might lose your potential customers just because you missed their call and there’s nothing that motivated them to call again.

However, checking your voicemail throughout the day might need a lot of time. The voicemail to email transcription feature will deliver transcribed voicemail messages to your email. This will help you respond to the voicemail without missing any information which can happen when you only listen to a voicemail message.

Since most offices are now in a hybrid work setup where some of the employees are working remotely and some are working onsite, video conferencing is a must-have. Hosted Phone Systems should also have a built-in video conferencing function and you have to make sure that your purchase is inclusive of the latter.

Call recording is one of the basic features that you must look for before purchasing hosted phone systems. This will not just help you for monitoring purposes but also for security reasons as well. Call recording will make reviewing calls easier and more accurate.

Of course, for businesses security and privacy is a priority. That’s the same with their customers. However, hosted phone systems are built to be secured around the internet so it’s almost impossible to hack your connection or eavesdrop on your phone calls.

With a hosted phone system you should be able to have an automated message feature where it asks what a caller needs help with, and transfers the call to an employee. You can also set up the rules for this function. For example, you can designate a function for each number that a caller can press for easier transmission of calls.

Commonly clients who look for a VoIP-based phone system such as a hosted phone system worry about the call quality since they aren’t wired. Well, that isn’t true. The truth is VoIP calls are much clearer than traditional phone lines. You only need a stable internet connection of at least 10 Mb. With just that, you’re ready to set up your virtual phone system to make or receive high-quality calls.

Monitoring real-time call analytics is very important for a business. For traditional phone systems, analytics are very limited to none at all. Therefore, it’s difficult to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the team. 

However, some hosted phone system providers offer real-time call analytics. This feature gathers actual data and summarizes it on a real-time basis. This means your team can make a report on their productivity performance with actual data, such as:

  • Inbound calls
  • Total calls
  • Answered calls
  • Missed calls
  • Toll-free calls
  • Internal/external calls
  • Talk time
  • International calls
  • Voicemail calls
  • Calls in queue

There will be no issue with your hosted phone system whether your business is already using Microsoft Teams or if you are thinking about Microsoft Teams for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

A hosted phone system is indeed an internet-dependent business phone. Of course, there are also downsides when you choose hosted phone systems. This principle applies to all. Now, let’s go over the advantages of a hosted phone system:

  1. Easy to install

Installing a hosted phone system only takes the internet to make it possible. So, there will be no need of going to your office and waiting for your service provider to finally install the phone system. No time is wasted, no money is wasted. This is also a huge breather for businesses that are in a hybrid work setup.

  1. Lesser Cost

In a hosted phone system, you can use your existing business phones or no physical handset at all if you don’t have any, to begin with. Again, what a hosted phone system needs is a stable internet connection and not traditional phone lines. While some service providers will include handsets or softphone apps upon installation of your purchased hosted phone system.

  1. One-stop communication tool

A hosted phone system can also be classified as a unified communication platform that allows your team to communicate both internally and externally with just one tool.

Your service provider will also offer the accessibility of functions such as instant messaging your team,  hosting video conferences, and of course, calling your customers. This will help you cut off some expenses on purchasing other tools for just one job when a hosted phone system can provide all that your team needs.

Again, everything has its equivalent downside even a hosted phone system. The only difference is that it doesn’t have that many disadvantages. You only need to watch over your internet connection and make sure it doesn’t fail while your business is running at its usual hours. You may also need a backup internet connection and not just your NBN. This way you can ensure that if the worst comes, your business hours are secured. 

Hosted phone systems are basically business phone systems that work through the internet. In other terms, these phone systems are hosted by your chosen service provider remotely through the internet while you own your phone equipment. 

Unlike traditional phone systems that require equipment, installation, and maintenance, a hosted phone system supports but doesn’t really require a physical handset because calls can be routed to softphones or mobile phones. That makes a hosted phone system to be more affordable than a traditional phone system. 

With a hosted phone system, your business still can maximize the benefits and features of a traditional phone system only with a little difference. These phones systems don’t require an onsite server, unlike traditional phone systems. Traditional phone systems are much more costly with all the equipment, installation, and maintenance that’s why businesses that are using this kind of phone system tend to use their telephone units for much longer even if it needs to be upgraded.

Basically, a hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system is a phone system hosted off-site and over the internet. In that kind of setup, you can save some costs for your business.


A PBX is a business phone system that allows phone calls to be switched to different lines within the business. There are also traditional PBX Systems that use actual phone lines and physical handsets onsite your business with maintenance included. On contrary, a hosted PBX system only needs your own physical handsets and the internet for your hosted service provider to do their work. 


In comparison, a hosted PBX system only uses the internet to make or receive calls, send instant messages, or host a video conferencing call. While a traditional PBX system uses phone lines to work the same. The good thing about a hosted PBX system is that you do not need a massive space for your communications equipment. Since this type of phone system works through the internet, you need to have at least a 10Mb internet connection, which doesn’t have that much of a cost.

Firstly, your business needs to have a stable NBN connection since a hosted phone system is hosted through the internet. You also need to decide whether to use a physical handset, a softphone, or a mobile phone. Softphones are basically virtual phones that are programmed to make or receive calls through a computer or a mobile app.

Here’s how a hosted phone system works:

  1. Your business partners with a service provider that offers a hosted phone system.
  2. Then your phone line will be connected to their off-site data server and the incoming calls of your business will be directed to your hosted PBX system.
  3. The hosted phone system will then convert your call data into digital packets and transmit it via the internet. 
  4. The phone system will route the incoming call to your office’s handset phone or virtual phone (whichever you have working)
  5. When you answer the call the digital packets will be converted back into a voice message and now you can speak with the other line while the hosted phone system works as the middle man.

Setting up a hosted phone system is not complicated. Especially if you found the right service provider for your business. Installation of a hosted phone system is technically done via the internet so there’s no need for your service provider or you to spend time in your office just to set up your hosted phone system. 

Most of the work will be done by your service provider. What you need to do is cooperate with them with your business details, especially what you wish to gain as an ROI. Of course, you need to provide your business phone number. Now, if your business is a start-up you probably, you don’t have an existing phone number. However, if you already have, then you can proceed with your existing business phone number. 

You may also ask your service provider to set up a voicemail message that your customers will receive whenever they call. This could be coupled with a quick dial, so your customers will just press a number and their calls will be redirected to the relevant person in your team. Plus, you can also utilize the voicemail message to email feature. That way, your team will not spend much time listening to every voicemail. This feature transcribes the voicemail message then sends it directly to your email. 

Installing a hosted phone system is definitely simple and easy. You just need to find your trusted service provider to deliver the phone system that your business needs.

There are a lot of service providers that offer the installation of hosted phone systems in Melbourne. Alas, they are all good with their crafts. There’s no doubt that service providers in Melbourne will greatly satisfy your business. In this industry, companies are in tight competition because all of them offer almost the same packages, only with the price varies. Nonetheless, your choice of the service provider will determine your business communication level in the long term.


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