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▪ This agreement is between “You” as entered under Business Customer (Company) Details, and “Us” listed on our website.
▪ You have provided information on this form which is true and correct.
▪ You are the account holder, or you are authorised by the account holder to act on their behalf with regards to this application which may include the transfer of existing services and/or the activation of new services.
▪ You have read and accept all sections of Our Customer Terms, available on our website or via email at any time.
▪ All products and services are provided on the basis of your agreement to all the terms and conditions contained within Our Customer Terms.
▪ If the Business Customer as detailed is a Pty Ltd Company, the director(s) of the Company personally guarantee the payment obligations of the Company to Us as set out in Our Customer Terms, General Terms & Conditions.
You agree to complete the Direct Debit application form following approval of your application.


Date: August 2022