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Your Trusted One-Stop Local Telecommunication Provider Since 1991

Expert Telecom has been providing custom business phone system solutions to the local Melbourne market since 1991. We offer NBN-ready, hosted or onsite VOIP or SIP business phone systems featuring leading brands. We come to you, or you can come to us. Our technicians are 100% in-house and dedicated to providing your SME business phone solution with the same seamless technology and fantastic value for money that are synonymous with the Expert brand. That means great local service and reliability for you, and a single point of contact for all your telecommunications needs.


Business Lines


& Copiers


Why Do You Need Two Seperate Quotes For Onsite and Hosted Business Phone Systems?

Our NBN experts will customise the right VoIP/SIP onsite or hosted solution for your business

Helping Businesses Connect To The NBN

Since 1991, Expert Telecommunications has been at the forefront helping businesses.

Local Support Team

Our local in-house support team is ready to help you with any issue.

Save Cost Up To 60%

Our packages and prices are the most open and competitive in the market.

Customisable Phone Systems

Our Experts can help you with any upgrade to your existing setup or a brand new installation to your business.

Business Continuity With 4G Backup

Don't get stuck with internet dropouts during working hours. Ensure your business continuity with 4G Backup.

Modern Phone Features

Small to medium businesses can now have the same look and feel
of their larger competitors, but without the huge price tag.

Automate Your Receptionist

Program & personalise menu options for directing calls to appropraite staff members.

Voice Mail To Your Email

Get your voice mail messages pushed straight to your webmail or smartphone.

Keep Your Current Number

No disruptions to your customers, they can still reach you at the same number.

Ongoing Local Support

Our local telecommunications team re here to help you get the most from your new phone system.

Hunt Group

Sends incoming calls to the next available line in a group of lines (first group free).

Simultaneous Ringing

Choose different groups of phones to ring in any order you choose.

Transfer Calls To Mobile

Seamlessly transfer an answered call to a mobile or landline without tying up any phone lines.

Three Way Conference Call

Connect with remote workers or clients on a 3-person conference call at the click of a button.

NBN Ready

Are you ready for the change? All our solutions are NBN ready, offering you peace of mind.

Popular Business Phone Systems

We stock the latest and market trending phone systems available to the Australian market. Our Team will find the best models and solutions for your business. 

Experts In NBN Phone Solutions

We’ve been helping small to medium businesses across Melbourne changeover to the NBN since Day 1! Which means we know how to make it as smooth as possible, allowing you to focus on your business.

Take advantage of the NBN roll out now. Huge savings to be had on your monthly bill, which means more money in your back pocket. Plus, you now get a whole suit of added features built in to make your business feel bigger and even more professional. Features like call cueing, professional message on hold, call recording, voice mail to email and a lot more!

Our Expert solution specialists will come to you and customise the right solution for your business and manage the process all the way through till the change over is complete and you and your team are happy.

Upgrading To Your New NBN Phone Solution

Upgrading your business to the NBN doesn’t have to be

Because when you become an Expert client, you don’t just
get an account manager. You get a whole team of Experts
behind you – Our local Expert solution specialists, helpdesk
and on the road technicians, as well as our highly skilled
IT Experts. We’ve got you covered.

We know technology has its ups and downs, but you can rely on
the team at Expert Telecom to keep your business operational.
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Security Cameras and Alarms for Your Business & Home

We all know prevention is better than the cure. So, let robbers know your office and home are under constant watch with high quality IP Security Cameras surrounding your office and home.

Did you know more and more offices also use security cameras in their office space to protect their assets and their staff. Speak to our Security Experts now to get yourself protected.

Starting from only $69* per month

Access Control Units

Now more then ever we need to protect our offices and homes. Melbourne has been impacted by COVID-19 and robbers know this and are taking full advantage. Our state-of-the-art alarm system with back to base monitoring ensure you’re protected.

Access Control Units are an effective way to seal off areas of your business from unwanted staff and guests. Also, you can now track who was in an area of the office if something needs investigating and the exact time. Match this technology with high definition CCTV cameras and you can rest assured your business is under control.

Starting from only $210* per month

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