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The Ultimate Cloud Hosted PBX

Commander IP phones connect through the internet and come NBN ready for optimal performance. That means no line rental, no missed calls and most of your standard local and national phone calls are for free. You could save up to 60% off your current phone bills! Speak to Expert Telecommunications today about Commander phones or a Commander pbx cloud hosted solution for your small business.

  • User Friendly
  • Easily Scalable
  • NBN Ready
  • Latest Technology
  • Feature Rich
Automate Your Receptionist

Program & personalise menu options for directing calls to appropriate staff members

Ongoing Local Support

Our local specialists are here to haelp you get the best of your Expert Telecommunications System

Transfers Calls to Mobile

Seamlessly transfer an answered call to a mobile or landline without tying up any phones lines

Voice Mail to Your Email

Get your voice mail messages pushed straight to your webmail or smart phone

Hunt Group

Sends incoming calls to the next available line in a group of lines (first group free)

Three Way Conference Call

Connect with remote workers or clients on a 3-person conference call at the click of a button

Keep Your Current Number

No Disruption to your customers, they can still reach you at the same number

Simultaneous Ringing

Choose different groups of phones to ring in any order you choose

NBN Ready

Are you ready for the change? All our solutions are NBN ready, offering you peace of mind

Call Recording

Record all or selected calls for compliance, quality or training purposes

Mobile Twinning

Never miss an office call again. We sync your mobile phone to your desk phone’s extension, so they ring at the same time.

Night Switch

At the end of your day, with the click of a button switch your phones to a pre-recorded message letting your clients know you are closed

Call Statistics

Get detailed information about the number of calls you receive, miss & even the average waiting time & more

Mobile Apps

Make it look like you’re always at your office with a smart app on your mobile. Calls, video conferencing and more at your fingertips

Click to Dial

Integrate your phone system with your eMail platform and call contacts with one click on your PC

Call Centre

From a few to a few hundred, we can scale your call centre as you grow. Included with wallboard for easy reference to your key statistic

Message on Hold

Don’t miss an opportunity to let your clients and prospects know about all your offerings while they are on hold

CRM Integration

Connect the power of your CRM with your phone system and record all critical information in one location seamlessly

Commander COM-000 Handset - Expert Telecommunications, Melbourne

Commander COM-000 Handset

  • Smart hybrid PBX system
  • Expand from 6 extensions up to
    288 extensions with Expansion Units
  • Message and Music on hold

Commander COM-000 Handset

  • Smart hybrid PBX system
  • Expand from 6 extensions up to
    288 extensions with Expansion Units
  • Message and Music on hold

Our Clients

“You provided great service
& were extremely thorough
and helped us to save a
significant amount of
money in the process.”

Chris Pither – Temple Hills Medical Center

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