Cloud Terms and Conditions

By signing this form, you agree that:

• You are aware that ‘Cloud PBX’ is an all-digital solution and may not support the use of services requiring traditional PSTN services or analogue connections. Please ensure you do not list any service numbers required to utilise security alarms, lift lines, EFTPOS, internet, HiCaps, Franking Machines or any other such functionality.
• All Cloud PBX Hardware is to be provided by “Us” or has been approved for use on our cloud system (pre-approval required).
• Hardware purchased upfront comes with a 12 Month manufacturer warranty. Hardware under a maintenance agreement will be warranted (under a manufacturer’s warranty and terms and conditions) until the maintenance is cancelled.
• If you reschedule your porting appointment more than once, there will be a reschedule fee applied to your invoice. This will apply for each reschedule requested. Please note these fees are passed on from the wholesaler and cannot be disputed. Rescheduling fees: $25.00 per number (simplex port), $599 per batch (complex port).
• All hardware carries “return to base warranty” unless otherwise stated or covered under maintenance. No advance replacement available. You will need to pay for all Shipping/Insurance fees when sending hardware to us. We will pay shipping fees when sending hardware back you.
• You are aware all services associated with any transferred Service Number will be disconnected & there may be costs / obligations (including early termination &/or porting fees) from your current provider, for which you are responsible.
• The Monthly Access Fee is the minimum amount you pay each month and includes one concurrent call.
• Included calls are subject to our Fair Use Policy (FUP), and are not for telemarketing business purposes (Available on our Website)
• Calls not shown, such as calls to international numbers, premium numbers, directory assistance, are charged in addition to the Monthly Access Fee.
• Charges to premium numbers are set by the number provider, and international call rates may be subject to change without notice.
• For all other Charges please refer to Our Customer Terms.
• For Withdrawal & Early Termination Charges please refer to Our Customer Terms.

Date : August 2022