Business Internet For Small to Medium Businesses

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Small to Medium Business Internet

Choose the right option for your budget and requirements - our expert team will guide you

  • NBN – Find out if your business is already eligible for the NBN or when it will be in your area. All businesses in Australia must upgrade to the NBN eventually or phones will imply stop working. Ask us about seamlessly upgrading your business.
  • SYMMETRICAL FIBRE – If your requirements for internet are greater than a standard NBN service, you can opt for a dedicated fibre service with much larger (bandwidth), guaranteed speed, symmetrical service (same speed up and down) and a 99.9% guarantee of speed allocation and uptime. Unlike NBN or ADSL where you share your service with hundreds of other business and residential clients, Symmetrical Fibre is dedicated to you and you only.
  • MIDBAND ETHERNET – one step down from a Symmetrical Fibre service, we have Midband Ethernet, which joins multiple copper pairs to enhance the speeds of your business internet. Cheaper than Symmetrical Fibre, Midband Ethernet is also symmetrical with similar benefits but doesn’t reach the same lightening fast speeds. Ask us if it’s available in your area.
  • WIRELESS BROADBAND – A perfect alternative to those areas where ADSL is the only option and just won’t do for the size and demand of your company. Imagine achieving the speeds of a Symmetrical Fibre without incurring the expensive charges of commercial works to get the Fibre to your building. By simply placing a satellite dish on the roof of your business we can achieve speeds of up to 100/100Mbps! Book a No Obligation Onsite Consultation with us today.
  • ADSL – Although this is being phased out of the market with the national roll out of the NBN, there are still many areas where this is the only cost-effective solution. Ask us about a more cost-effective option for your ADSL with a view to upgrading to the NBN when it arrives in your area.
  • NEW SERVICE BRIDGED INTERNET – With some clever work from our IT engineers we have come up with a solution where we can have 2 separate internet services (ADSL, NBN or 4G) and we combine or ‘bridge’ them to provide a more powerful solution. It’s super fast and just a fraction of the cost of a Symmetrical Fibre service.

Business Continuity 4G Backup

Do not let your business internet drop out!

  • Businesses face disruptions that could potentially cost them up to $7,500 per day.
  • Flexible Solutions from as low as $140 a month over a 3 year contract or choose a monthly option.
  • Auto failover from the NBN to your 4G backup
  • Auto revert back to the NBN once issue resolved
  • 4G Backup with a specialised modem and a Data SIM using the mobile 4G network, we can deliver internet to your business extremely quickly.
  • Auto Email notification sent to Expert Telecom support desk when your NBN goes down
  • Same day troubleshooting service for clients who have had their internet service disrupted and need a solution in double time.