COVID-19 Business Ready

Melbourne is fast on track to reopening and soon it will be back to business for everyone. While everyone has been in isolation, Expert Telecommunications has been busy working hard to improve our operations and product offerings. 

In these different times, we need to think of different ways to protect your business and staff. The Victorian COVID-19 Safe Plan states that we need to take the temperature of everyone that walks into your business, school, or factory. Having that in mind, we would like to introduce the Automatic Temperature Checking Station because we know, realistically its ridiculous to station an employee to stand at the door and take down everyone’s temperature.

Equipment like this is currently being used in Melbourne Airport to take passenger’s temperatures before they depart so why not have it in your business so your staff can socially distance themselves and focus on working.

Speak to our Expert Team on how our Automatic Temperature Checking Station can help your business or package it up with our other offerings to save massively.