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Benefits of The NBN For Your Small Business

When I talk to customers or friends who run small to medium businesses and I mention the letters N, B and N, I get a very mixed reaction. On the one hand people are excited. They want to talk about the improvements and the possibilities the NBN will bring to their businesses. But there’s also a fair degree of anxiety when they talk about the NBN. And with good reason.

One more thing to think about

For many people who run small to medium Australian businesses, the grind of the day-to-day is more than enough to cope with. I know what it’s like. I’m a business person myself. You have to be everything from plumber to tax expert to relationship counsellor. So when the NBN transition comes along, it’s just one more thing to add to the endless list of jobs.

Now you have to try and work out how to make the transition without losing your business phone number (read more here about what happens if you miss the NBN deadline). Because at the end of the day, of all the roles that you have to fulfil, communicating with your customers is the most important.

 Look at the positives

While it might feel like a pain, there is plenty to gain. It’s worth remembering that the switch to the NBN actually brings a lot of benefits with it. In terms of functionality, there is simply no comparison with the old analogue technology. Here’s just a sample of the next level technology that comes with cloud hosted or onsite NBN-ready phone systems:

  • No more line faults
  • Automatic redundancy built into NBN phone lines
  • Transfer calls to mobiles and landlines
  • Cheaper call plans
  • Sync your mobile to your desk phone and never miss another call
  • Take your phone number with you

As I mentioned before, the NBN runs on a network of fibre optic cable. Once this new cable is introduced to your area, the old copper phone lines will become redundant and won’t work anymore. But the good news is your phone system probably will. If you’re like the majority of businesses, you probably have a hybrid phone system that can be adapted to the NBN. However, you might prefer to upgrade to an NBN-ready system so you can take advantage of the extra features and cost savings they provide.

What does the NBN mean for my phones? 

By rolling out a fibre optic network, the NBN will make Australia’s internet faster and more reliable. And a better internet makes it easier to do business.

Connecting to the NBN

Whether you want to adapt your existing phone system or upgrade it, our local Melbourne-based, Expert telephone technicians can help you connect to the NBN. We come to you to review how your premises are set up – a critically important step to ensuring you end up with the right solution. We will then give you a free, no-obligation, NBN assessment where we outline your options and explain how a new phone set up might look and feel. And if you’re ready to upgrade, we’ll help you choose the right system for your business.

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About the Author: Mauro De Girolamo