Avaya Cloud Solutions: Hosted Business Phone Systems Have Never Been Easier

Avaya Cloud Solutions: Hosted Phone Systems Have Never Been Easier

With the rollout of the NBN expected to be completed by 2022 and the launch of 5G just around the corner, it has never made more sense to change your business telephone system to the cloud.

And now thanks to Avaya, a world leader in onsite telephone systems & VOIP phone systems.

We have the power of a traditional phone system combined with the flexibility of it being in the cloud.  That’s where Avaya Cloud Solutions comes in.

Until relatively recently, most business cloud phone solutions were entry level at best – using generic handsets with clunky limitations. But Avaya has listened to the industry and has taken the cost and need for IT savvy out of the equation.

Avaya will now store your business phone system in a secure, Tier 1 data centre in Australia. All you need are the new, sleek Avaya handsets or ‘soft phones’.

Avaya Cloud Solutions are also highly affordable.
It’s billed monthly so there’s no longer any need for thousands of dollars up

I know we are. And one more thing – the functionality is outstanding.

Now that your Avaya business phone system is sitting in the cloud, we can make any changes remotely – or even show you how to do it yourself. Imagine being able to do a simple name change on a handset in a matter of minutes – no need to pay a technician to come to your premises anymore!

Whether your business telephone systems needs are basic (call, answer, hold and transfer), or more complex (call recording, call statistics, or a call centre), we can tweak your Avaya Cloud Solution to suit the needs of your business.

And for those of you who may have already
tried a cloud solution (or perhaps heard from one of your fellow business
associates) and had a poor experience, I can assure you that those days are all
but gone.  

The quality of your cloud solution is mainly
based on the quality of your Internet and having a redundancy in place, and
that’s something our NBN specialists will take care of for you.

Need some advice? Reach out to one of our expert
Avaya Cloud specialists now and see what we can do for your business. We will come to your premises, asses your services and how you use them,
and offer an obligation free solution.

Our team will guide
you through the entire process and make sure you have a smooth, seamless
transition to your new Avaya Cloud Solutions hosted phone system.

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