Analogue Vs Digital Vs IP Phones: what’s best for the NBN?

Digital and IP Phones on a NBN compatible phone system

As the NBN rolls out across Australia, you might be considering the upgrade of your old analogue business telephone system to VOIP.

But there’s a lot of choice out there. So how do you know which type of business phone system is right for your business? Will my existing business phone system work? And do I need to upgrade at all if I have digital handsets?

What are the different business phones and phone systems available?

Analogue business phones

The analogue business phone system is the original telephone technology. It converts the air vibrations of your voice into an electrical signal and transmits it along a copper wire network.

An analogue business phone system’s features are limited to transferring calls between extensions, hold, redial, mute and speed dial. 

Digital business phones

A digital business phone converts the sound of your voice into a digital signal then transmits it along the analogue copper wire system. At the other end of the line, the handset decodes the digital signal back into voice. Digital phone systems can incorporate extra features such as music on hold, VOIP, and CRM integration.

IP business phones

An IP phone converts the human voice into digital data. But instead of transmitting the data through phone lines, IP sends the signal via the internet.

What type of business phone system do I need?

Most business phone systems are what we call a ‘hybrid’, which means they can take all types of telephone line and handset technologies including IP, digital and analogue.

Do I need to upgrade my handsets?

If you currently have digital handsets, you can still use them on the NBN.  You won’t need to upgrade your cabling or purchase additional hardware like switches.

So why would I switch to IP handsets?

The great advantage of IP handsets is that they allow you integrate your business phone system with other business software like Microsoft Outlook or Skype for Business. Because IP handsets use the same IP address as your network, the integration is seamless. By comparison, digital handsets need more configuring and may not utilise all the features that an IP handset can.

How do I switch to IP phones?

Many businesses consult IT professionals to help them switch to IP handsets. And this makes perfect sense as they can help you with security, cabling and data usage and additional hardware. But you should always include a telephone expert in the discussion around upgrading your business telephone system. A telephone expert has the experience to help you choose the business phone system that’s for the current and future needs of your business.

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